Who we are

Our vision

Fundamental underpinning to our expert advice is the knowledge that business prospers where human beings thrive, that is, where human rights are respected and furthered. We see human rights in business as an opportunity, and not just simply a risk to be managed. Our services are geared to raising corporate respectability by integrating human rights in our clients’ everyday businesses. This, in turn, raises businesses' marketability and revenues as well as reduces their litigation risks.

Why choose us

Our clients value our practical, common sense approach stemming from our experiences inhouse (incl. General Counsel Group of a Fortune 30 company) and in law firms in Europe, the US, Cambodia. Our international legal background and multicultural sensitivity enable us to devise comprehensive and sustainable action plans. We fit in where our clients need us – from building capacity to providing an extra set of hands. We rely on a robust network of international experts where needed.

Co-Founder, Partner

Peter Herbel

Peter Herbel is the co-founder of Herbel Avocats and, until 2014, the former General Counsel of Total S.A., a Fortune 50 company and the 5th largest listed oil company in the world. Peter is regarded by his peers as a pioneer in the integration of human rights in business. As leader of Total's legal department, Peter understood early-on that social and human rights concerns heavily weighed in, not only as a risk management, but also as an opportunity management issue. Based on an analysis of regulations, markets and stakeholder expectations, he and his CSR team conceived of practical actions, including CSR and ethics audit tools, vis-à-vis those impacted by Total's operations in various countries, such as employees, clients, suppliers, and local communities. They also elaborated responses to the increasing demands of financial institutions, as well as to the requests of civil society, aiming at positively positioning Total. Over a short period of time, Peter succeeded in making CSR and human rights a strategic axis at Total, helping secure business and resulting in new opportunities.
Peter is fluent in English, French and German.

Co-founder, Attorney-at-law (NY)

Elodie Herbel

Peter is joined by his daughter Elodie Herbel. Elodie studied law in France (Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas), Germany (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and the US (Columbia University School of Law), earning an LL.M. from each, as well as a post-graduate degree (D.E.A., now known as a Master 2) from Paris II.
Elodie practiced law as a litigator at a major international law firm and later at an intellectual property firm in New York. She then worked as a business development and marketing manager for a law firm in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, before returning to the US where she worked for a technology company. There she worked as a senior trial consultant advising corporate and law firm clients on the creation of high-impact visual strategies for court- and boardroom presentations, as well as an e-Discovery expert specializing in data management and privacy issues.
Elodie recently returned to France to join Herbel Avocats. To her deep conviction that advancing human rights in business is the only way forward, she brings exceptional analytical skills and project management capabilities.
Elodie is fluent in English, French and German.